Scale your software development
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Turning ideas into software for 15 years

We work closely with your management team to
build a distributed software development team
and create the process to make it work.

At the beginning

We start with a team of salaried NTR Lab developers

As you grow

Additional developers are screened and hired from across Eastern Europe, move to one of our four offices

Knowledge transfer

We transfer our distributed team management expertise to your startup staff and provide ongoing support

No hassle dev

Build and expand your development team without recruiting, paying salaries, benefits, stock options, etc.

Select success stories

WorldCompliance → LexisNexis

Risk-Prevention and Compliance Solutions

Key software development partner

Thumbspeak → CINT

App-based mobile audience research platform

Ported app to all mobile platforms.
And we mean ALL


A Business Mentoring matching & program management system

Developed a successful corporate product


Russian/Ukraine economic difficulties mean opportunities for tech companies in the US and Europe
The exchange rate for both RUR/USD and UAH/USD is down more than 50%.
This means a large pool of qualified developers
at the most competitive rates since 2003

Highlights of Our History

  • 2000


    Founders Nick Mikhailovsky, Anton Malkov and three others (since gone) started NTR Lab after launching one of the world's largest EFT system for Central Bank of Russia. Our first projects as NTR Lab were for Russian Standard Bank and ASP-db

  • 2001

    The first development center for a US tech company

    DogBreath software's CTO hired two outsourcing companies, NTR Lab and another, to finish building The Digital Office for Endodontist. Shortly after the full team was built combining internal and NTR developers and the second company was relegated to testing.

  • 2004

    Development office in Tomsk

    As the Russian economy grew and the tech sector heated up quality talent became more expensive. To maintain a healthy price/performance ratio we opened a second development office in Russian university city of Tomsk. Currently, most of our developers are located there.

  • 2005

    Development center for WorldCompliance

    WorldCompliance hired its first 4 people in Tomsk and grew to 22 by the time it was acquired by LexisNexis. Since then LexisNexis almost doubled the Tomsk team and became our largest customer

  • 2006

    Development office in Novokuznetsk

    Novokuznetsk dev was spun off as Sinergo, a separate business within NTR Group doing systems integration for the open pit mining industry. Sinergo is now as large as NTR Lab

  • 2010


    Our first full-blown startup POIdo was a location-based advertising platform. We not only learned building advertising-scale systems, but also got firsthand startup experience from ground up and inside out. POIdo won the 2010 Geo-Loco Startup Competition and several other awards.

  • 2014

    Dev offices in Kharkiv and Minsk

    We opened additional offices in Kharkiv, Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus to facilitate international expansion, mitigate political risks and increase the accessible talent base.

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Select Customers

In addition to managing multiple development centers for our customers, we have done hundreds of individual/repeat projects worldwide, either directly or through subcontracts to major systems integrators and digital advertising houses like Tribal DDB.

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